Friday, January 19th, 2018

Do you take this vow?


Living in a world of negativity, judgements and criticism really drives me absolutely crazy I must say. We don’t realise how much negativity is around us because we are just so used it but today I urge you to stop and realise how much harm we are doing to ourselves…sounds extreme I know but it manifests until it becomes familiar and when it becomes familiar it’s absorbed and embedded into our everyday lives, it’s expected but like anything it’s also a choice.

How we choose to see and view the world is entirely on our shoulders and what we choose to absorb is within our control. The kind of people we surround ourselves with is not always a choice however the difference is;


It’s easy to say “NO”

  • No you can’t do that
  • Why would you do that
  • That looks terrible
  • I hate these groups
  • I would never

Notice how this type of person will shoot you down or your actions without giving a reason or a solution. You know the people they are everywhere personally and professionally. You can choose to listen to their ILL advice and not trust yourself therefore not take action and fall into the same monotonous negative world they live in.

For example– (I will remain general and not specific due to privacy and respect for the other parties)

I am currently looking at hiring someone to do some work for me and getting quotes together, consulting and talking.

Person  1 says- It is going to be this much (after waiting over a month for the 1st consult then another 2 weeks for the quote) and when we say that’s too much we are thinking of doing this the response was “You can’t do that, it wont work”.

Person 2 says– Consult was within a week, it is going to be this much and we say “We are thinking about doing this” response “That be should OK I’ll come around and have another look just to sure and we’ll work something out that is within your time and budget”

Mmmm who do you think we will “choose” to hire? Number 2 even though he was more expensive however flexible and person number 1 has been hired several times by us to always say the same thing can’t and I don’t do can’t. In the past I have surrounded and listened to advice both personally and professionally from the people from the first circle. Not any more because it is to our detriment and we learn that the hard way but as long as we learn from it and change it then we haven’t lost. We have to be open to constructive criticism and different thought processes because that’s how we grow and learn however it when it comes from the people who only criticise without solution or reason that’s when we don’t listen, do know the difference?

I, Renee Mayne solemnly swear to surround myself with like minded people who pep me up, we can brainstorm our goals, who only knows can and do , does not judge people even if they have different views, I will only work with positive people who work towards accomplishing positive goals, take positive action and will not absorb any unwanted or ill advice and feelings.

Do you take this vow?

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9 Responses to “Do you take this vow?”
  1. I, Angela Esnouf, do solemnly swear to surround myself with positive people and thoughts.

    And thanks, Renee, for reminding us how important this really is.

  2. Absolutely! After a recent wake-up call {one of many} and the recent death of a past partner, I decided on this action. I, Michele Flynn, do solemnly swear to surround myself with positive people and thoughts at all times.

    Renee thank you for putting this ‘out there’ it is most important.

    Have a great day!

  3. braqueen says:

    Thanks Michelle and welcome aboard 🙂


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