Friday, January 19th, 2018

Have Friends Who Pep You Up


The most powerful and paramount element of loving life, living life and changing your life is who you surround yourself with. I used to always say “hang around dogs you get flies” but I’m sure there is a much nicer more elegant way to say it but you get the idea. It’s amazing this is something I craved and desperately wanted especially in the last few years of being in business. Don’t get me wrong I know heaps of people and have an abundance of friends but few very few “get” what I am trying to achieve.

I always try not to write about myself as this is not about me, me, me and I, I, I and I try not to use them when I write but today can you give me permission please?

I would like to share how I went from being so lonely to OMG I am surrounded by an abundance of people who get me….really get me.

I’m happy right? Always have been always will be, I’m a smiley kind of girl it’s just me. Some may say I have my head in the clouds or I look through rose coloured glasses and that’s just me but with that there are lessons to be made. For a long time those smiles lacked substance and no one knew the turmoil that was going on around me, in my mind and in my life. So once I realised that I needed to be 100% real, authentic and feel things so much so it oozes out of me and I realised happiness is finding freedom. I’m on top of the world right? No, no way I realised that we are constantly growing and evolving and that’s life…that’s what makes it so amazing. While there is so many people running around saying you’re so close to the finishing line reality is you’re not, we’re not and we’re not suppose to.

While I’m on my road and I finally have a business that gets my blood pumping and my head spinning and I could happily work at it 24/7. People say YAY to a holiday I say “Noooo” I hate not spending time on it because it brings me so much joy. But when all of your friends and family say YAY and I say NAY what do you do? You long for someone who gets it because truth be told they don’t even know or understand what it is you do. As I talked about Bra Queen ALL.THE.TIME I soon realised not everyone loves BQ like I do and they don’t necessarily want to hear about old BQ ALL.THE.TIME. For a long time I thought “Well they’re not very supportive” because I’m doing all this great work right…applaud me please. No, it’s not them being unsupportive it’s just not their thing doesn’t make them bad or wrong just different. It’s not about you it’s about them and we can’t forget that. That’s when I realised I spoke about myself…..a lot. Even when it’s not about me I manage to turn it around so it is. Do you do that? That’s why I try not to write me, me, me and I, I, I because it’s not about me it’s about you and me listening and encouraging you and your journey and I love that. So even today when I do talk about BQ and the person isn’t responding or doesn’t seem to really care I just stop talking about.

Still struggling to find people who “get” it/me/business I have meet heaps of amazing people and the business world is really very small everyone knows everyone. You soon realise that authenticity is rare, people are aggressive, negative and they can bring you down faster then you can say “Smile”. Often these people are either:

a.  Aggressive it’s all about the hard sell to get what you want, then judge and criticise anyone who doesn’t agree. This circle believes that it’s all about action and tackling it head on. I’m all about action in fact it’s my favourite word but I am not about to knock someone else over in the process.

b. Then you have the what I call the “poor me’s” the people that Oh-My-God-My-Life Is-So-Bad please feel sorry for me. The people that draw their energy and/or business from a negative feel sorry for yourself place but don’t even realise it. Not able to see all the things that are going right them and the world isn’t a bad place it’s what you make it. I get that life brings us some challenging heart crunching things, I get that and sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out from the brink. I get that but there is always light.

I was surrounded by them and it had to stop I vowed and when say vowed with all of my heart I knew it was time to let these people go 100%. To only surround myself and do business with people I like and that were nice. One of them is my dear friend Cheyanne who is so honest, a straight shooter and someone I am so grateful to have meet. She recently just conducted a facebook cleanse deleting anyone for:

1. Being sucky guru worshippers with nothing original to say.
2. Being a misery guts or constantly looking for attention.
3. Being a stalker, socially inept or they just simply bored me to tears.

LOVE it and agree 100% and I think sometimes we need to look at everyone we surround ourselves with. If they are not supporting you and your goals, if you are constantly having pity parties then seriously you need to have an honest conversation with yourself. If everything that comes out of your mouth is negative I’m sorry I do not want to hear it and I will not join the pity party. Not to say I will not support you when something happens because I am always very supportive however there is a difference and we need to be able to look at ourselves and realise that.

Since then I have meet an abundance of people whom I love to bits, I have the best group of women (and one boy) in which we, collaborate, help, support and go on our adventures in manifesting everything we ever dreamed of doing and having. We have all BUSTED OUT and created a life we love.

I have met my soul sisters who I feel like I have known a lifetime and we inspire each other in our journeys.

I am reading Stacey Currie’s book “The rich get richer and the poor can too!” And she also talks about who we surround ourselves with and she has a fabulous exercise that you can do so you can get a clear picture of who brings what into your life and whether it should stay or go.

To all of the wonderful people who I have meet thank you for being you and so awesome. You know who you are xxx


Do you need a cleanse maybe personally or within your work place or business?




6 Responses to “Have Friends Who Pep You Up”
  1. Cheyanne says:

    Hey Renee,

    Know you’ll get this, a mentor once told me that there are 2 types of people- ones that you bounce with and others that zap you dry (very good visual). For all the zappers that I can’t totally eliminate, I take them in small doses with big gaps in between 🙂 You’re a bouncy smiley in my books xoxo

    • bustingout says:

      Oh Chey you do make my heart sing I love your brain, you are truly one of a kind and I am just feel so grateful to know you xxx

  2. Kat Hudson says:

    you know I totally GET IT! When you can make those friends who understand what a plugin is, how an online shopping cart works, enjoys critiquing your youtube channel and knows that facebook is more than posting your party pics it creates a beautiful synergy 🙂

    I wish you would come back to WA!! lol


    • bustingout says:

      *Laughs* now there’s a girl who speaks my language haha but yes totally agree 🙂 WA is just too far away I know I have often thought about it though.


  3. Heather James says:

    Can totally resonate with you on this Renee, seriously!

    When I first met you I felt an honesty and realness about you.
    A doer, a nice person and all round fun chic that gets ME! And that I GET BACK!

    I have been connecting with many more of these wonderful people and complete agree with you on all levels.

    For while there it was all about me, to a degree it still is 😉 just kidding, no I love to help people (you and Kat know that) and I love to inspire and encourage others to reaching their greatest potential.

    I feel the same about what I do in business…well most of the time 🙂 oh man there are days….hooley dooley there are days I want to chuck in the towel, walk away and say right that’s it I’m done. But I bring myself back to why I do it, what I get out of it and most of what what I do for others, really warms the heart to help others, for me it’s a bit like a drug! Can’t get enough!

    I’m also reading Stacey’s book, man what a great read! Next up Agents of Action!

    Toot Toot to you and what you bring the world with a smile 🙂 Thank you for being you!

    xx Heather

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