Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Expressions of Gratitude


The people we have in our lives we sometimes take for granted, you know when you see something all the time you naturally just assume it’s going to be there all the time. It becomes routine and apart of us which gives you that nice sense of security but what it also gives us is inability to express love and gratitude. It happens a lot with family because they have always been there and they always will be. They can’t actually go anywhere right?

Often it’s so easy to find and see what’s wrong with them we forget to find, acknowledge and appreciate to the good. Let’s ponder on that for a second shall we.

Over the next few weeks I am going to do a weekly gratitude post for each member of my family and I want you to do the same. Focus on what we love about them. I’m going to start with the youngest to eldest.

Little Brother

I love you because despite the lack of male guidance and role models growing up you are an amazing Dad to your beautiful children, I love your desire and willingness to provide for your family. I love that when you smile the whole world lights up.

But what I love the MOST about you is that you love your partner so much and you treat her well. It takes a big man to overcome all of the obstacles that life showed us but you did it. You understand that to love and share your life with someone and to give yourself to someone is the most precious most enjoyable thing that we can experience in our lifetime.

I love that about you and I love you xxx


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