Saturday, February 24th, 2018

A Real Life Busted Out Journey


It’s one thing for me to tell my journey however I really wanted to sure other people who have BUSTED OUT of their old lives and started a fresh. It’s real life people with real life “stuff” and now real life success. GIDDY UP. Today the gorgeous Tanja Kraus is sharing her journey. Thank you so much Tanja xxx

What gave you the motivation to change your life?

Simply wanting more.  Knowing that I could lead the life I wanted if I really set my mind to it.

What was the most challenging thing you faced when you BUSTED OUT of your old life?
Having the confidence to keep going.  Little challenges pop up, and you can’t help but think ‘this would be
easier if I just worked 9 -5 for someone else’ but reality is, the challenges are easily overcome – and the rewards are great.

When you felt like going back to your old life how did you stay focused and on track?

Re-visiting what I really wanted.  I think about being 90 years old and looking back on life – do I want to
smile and say – “yep I did everything I wanted”, or do I want to say “it got too hard & I gave up – now I regret it” 

What advice would you give someone who wants to make a change?

Do your research – and then go for it!

What is the key to your success?

Continued learning.  I read a new book every week – and I don’t mean a novel.  I subscribe to newsletters, watch dvd’s, read books
all in the areas I want to improve.

Looking back what are some of the realisations you have now that you didn’t have back then?

Everybody starts somewhere and everybody is nervous and has self doubts about taking that leap.  I let my fears stop me
from following my dreams for a while – now I know that there just isn’t time for that.

How are you as a person different?
I grow every single day.  I am constantly seeking self improvement.  That, and I am more confident to chase my dreams.
About Tanja
Consultant & Author
Author of Maximum Returns, Minimum Concerns A Guide to Successful Property Investment  Tanja has been in the Real Estate game for over 15 years. Her wealth of experience comes from managing over 2000 properties on Queensland’s Gold Coast, and of course buying, renting, renovating and selling her own properties. Tanja is also sought after business coach with her own business Chilli Consulting. Her book can be purchased in all good bookstores or online at or


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