Monday, December 11th, 2017

How To Eat Healthy


Commitment that’s all it is.

So you want to lose weight or maybe your insides are screaming for nutrition. I have one of those bodies that if look at a piece of cake my arse wobbles, even if I have a well balanced diet (when I say diet I mean what I eat not something I’m doing for the short term.) it is not enough for me to even maintain my weight so I must exercise otherwise I will put on weight. I will always be curvy that’s my body and no matter how much I exercise I am always going to have big breasts it’s just the way I was made. I don’t want to be super slim frankly I look like a lolly pop but I do want to feel healthy, feel comfortable in my clothes and be light and quick on my feet.

Don’t say to yourself I am no longer eating fried foods, chocolate or cheese because if you enjoy then you should have it. The more you tell your mind you aren’t eating this the more you’ll think about and want it right?

We want to enjoy life, live life and it’s about creating a life that you enjoy…so no quick fixes they don’t work. I LOVE and have always lived my the 80/20 rule. Everything comes down to 80/20.

Eat a well balanced diet 80% of the time, you may want to have a treat a day or maybe you want to give yourself a “Free day” where you can eat whatever you like.

Make the decision to eat healthier. What is your weak spot? It may be a food you eat OR it may be organizing what you eat OR your portion size.

Here is your task-

Plan your meals, for 3 reasons
•You will save time and energy trying to think of what you are cooking.
•You will save money because you are eliminating those drop in/last minute grocery shops.
•You will eat healthier so then you will feel better.

Here are some tips for you-

•Focus on your main meal, presumably dinner.
•Decide what you would like to eat in a week fish, chicken, red meat etc
•Think about how you cook it opt for grilling opposed to frying
•Try to limit “packet foods” use fresh herbs instead.
•So it may be something like this-
Monday- Fish
Tuesday- Chicken
Wednesday- Steak
Thursday- Fish
Friday- Chicken

Then with it you just have to choose what you want with it like salad, veggies, cous cous, rice whatever….

You may even want to try a meat free night.

I find the best and quickest lunches are salad or soup. I try to think of things other then sandwiches; soup is my fav I make a big batch for the week.

HOT TIP- I am shocking for portion, I tend to eat very little during the day often not at all and eat a big meal for dinner. What I have done to stop this is have scheduled snacks in between like yogurt, corn thins with cottage cheese on them, fruit, nuts and have a smaller meal at night. Healthy snacks!

HOTTEST TIP- If you crave sweet things at night eat dark chocolate or try brushing your teeth after dinner it will stop that urge from eating!

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