Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Imagine You Walking Around Feeling Fantastic With A Big Smile From Ear To Ear


Image is to protect
Be yourself and be it well,
It’s for the young and for the old
It’s the image you uphold
You yourself have to mold

Peace, understanding and forgiveness. You know when we talk about success and we strive for success we also think it’s something that happens then it’s done we are successful, jobs down and books closed. When you walk to the top of a mountain you don’t just stop and reside there. You walk back down, find another track or climb the next mountain. Goals are another word for dreams once they become reality we move onto the next dream. The problem with this is people don’t stop and enjoy each destination nor appreciate and enjoy the journey. This is when you become stuck, stagnant and mediocre now, there lays the problem because this is when you just go through the motions and it kind of feels like ground hog day.

Because we are living in the safety zone we judge others how they work, how they parent and how they live and how they love. Is this success? What does success look like for you?

Something I always say in my workshops and to my clients is, we have this idea in our heads about what success and happiness looks like and it’s always in the future its never actually today. Once you understand that tomorrow isn’t going to make you any happier then you are today you can experience true happiness. The importance of aligning your personal values with your business or your employment is crucial because only then can you operate on a level most people don’t even understand. Because anyone can have a job or start a business but it takes someone extraordinary to create a life they love that is congruent to them. That takes someone special and once you do that it not only brings you wealth but empowerment and enlightenment.


So the question lies with what does success look like to you and what can you do today to make a difference.

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