Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Limited Thinking- Are You Guilty?


“Limited thinking” has been coming up a lot in my consults lately and how we condition ourselves to believing that “To find success you must make sacrifices”. To believe that money follows money, the rich get richer and the poor can poorer, you will never forget you’re first love….

What conditions and beliefs did you hear growing up?

It takes time and effort to re wire your beliefs and it’s a misconception that once you’re there, you’re there and you don’t need to do anymore work to stay there. It’s like business to continue to grow and make money takes constant work, to lose weight you have to still eat healthy and exercise even when you’ve lost the weight, to maintain and improve anything you need to guide, nurture and spend time on it so it can flourish. Personal development is exactly the same.

People get shocked when old feelings creep back up on them and they think “I thought I dealt with this” and they probably have however everyone needs to maintain it, no matter how far along the track you are.

Write down your old beliefs then underneath them write down your new belief.

For example:

Old Belief- I never have any money or energy to do anything

New belief: I have an abundance of time, money and energy to do whatever I want to do.

If you put on 5 pairs of glasses do you think you would be able to see clearly? No, think of old beliefs as removing the glasses. One pair at a time until you see clearly.

What do you choose to see and believe?

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