Monday, December 11th, 2017

Monkey See Monkey Do


People make me laugh out loud they really do as we go through life and some of us have the ability to be aware of our thoughts and our actions while some…well make me laugh. Have you ever found:

The people who judge other people’s parenting are always the one’s that are far from perfect parents but never ever admit there flaws and mistakes.

The people who judge someone for being a certain way and dislike them for it are always the people who have the same characteristic and never admit it.

The people who dislike someone for having something that they don’t and calling them a horrible person even if they are not just because they are a little jealous.

Funny thing life

Your thoughts become reality but luckily we get to choose our thoughts and how we choose to view and process information.

You can choose to see the worst in people or the best in people, your choice.

You can choose too turn a blind eye to your own parenting because it’s easier to judges others and it takes kahunas to look at yourself and improve. It takes even bigger kahunas to admit that you have made mistakes and be accountable for them but you will feel better when you do.

You can choose to believe that you have no flaws and that it’s everyone else in the world that has a problem or you can realise that you can be happy for people and respect the path they have chosen and the cards life has given them and support them on their journey.

Life is choice

When I started working on Cruise Liners it was all about selling, now when I first started I was doing really well then I started to focus and worry about what others were selling and my sales went down. Then a friend said to me “You were doing really well when you first started, what has changed”

I realised that my mindset had changed

Firstly, I was solely concentrating on my client and myself no one else was in the room. I only cared about providing the best experience for my client and giving them as much knowledge to help them as possible.
Secondly, once I started to get swept up in the whole gossip negative side of things and I let others sway my direction and thought process I lost my focus and therefore lost the very thing I wanted most.

Everyone gets swept away from time to time it’s only natural and it’s easy to drawn to people who are negative because at first you don’t see it. But every time you speak bad about someone, think ill of some one, judge someone or blame someone you are losing a piece of yourself…a piece of your happiness.

It happens to all of us the difference is are you aware of it and willing to change the way you view people, view the world and yourself. Identify when you do not react the way you would have like and go about changing it. Don’t be upset with yourself just remember it for next time.

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