Saturday, February 24th, 2018

From Little Things Big Things Grow


“In the infinity of life of where I am all perfect whole and complete” Are the words spoken by Louise Hay, these words I repeat all day everyday because they resonate with me. You see in the heart of everyone there is a core that is unique to you.

To find YOUR purpose ask yourself these things-

Like what do you want in your life time?

What do you want to achieve?

Who do you want to be, what kind of person?

What attributes do you have that are important to you?

Once you know these things you can go about bringing them into fruition. As my good friend Cheyanne Brae would say it’s Thought. Action. Result. You need all three elements if you are going to prosper in anyway. While we’re on thought you get to choose your thoughts if you really what to lead a happy prosperous life then negative thinking will not get you anywhere expect feeling sorry for yourself and anything you accomplish is coming as a sympathy vote or not very pleasant place so the last thing it is…is a happy life. Happy long lasting things DO NOT come from negative places.

Life brings us challenges to test us to ensure we’re authentic and to help us grow so it’s important when you ask yourself the questions above include how you wish to conduct yourself. For example it is important to me that I handle myself with grace and dignity through honesty and integrity. No matter how others maybe conducting themselves I need to know that I am being true to whom I am… my core. The biggest lesson I have learnt is if in doubt DON’T unless your heart is singing then your gut is telling you NO. We don’t listen to ourselves enough intuition is crucial to our growth. Trouble is we all want a quick fix but truth be told it takes time, consistency and persistency to lead a prosperous life. So be patient, know what you want and exactly how you are going to get it and ALWAYS have gratitude for what have accomplished…smell the roses.

Start small and think big.


4 Responses to “From Little Things Big Things Grow”
  1. Jodi Gibson says:

    I love this post. You sum things up beautifully. Living true and authentically is so rewarding and I totally believe that positive thinking has brought me on my wonderful journey over the past few years.
    There are times that I do get despondent, God knows 2010 tested me, but I will keep thinking the right thoughts, making things happen and being responsible for ones self, not others.

  2. Bra Queen says:

    I love your comment Jodi I think life may test us but how awesome is it that we can be so present that we can’t be aware of it.

    Stay beautiful


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