Friday, January 19th, 2018

People change, we all change


Do you think other people adapt to your growth as well as you? Should we care…

Depending on which stage of your life you meet people often determines how you preserve them and how they perceive you. Even though you may have grown at warp speed they will often see you as the person they first meet. Even if you aren’t in a very good place right now and haven’t been for a long time but you were bright and bubbly back then they will see you as bright and bubbly. Don’t want to let anything slip under the radar for two reasons.

  1. The people you have in your life need to respect you, love you and support you and vice versa. If that is going to happen they need to know and understand you, now. Not who you were 10 years ago, not 5, not even 1 because we all change. If you aren’t happy then they need to know and help.
  2. If you have grown and become more accomplished they need to know. Not to pep up your ego, so they can support and motivate you in your journey. Help you accomplish your goals and celebrate them with you.


People change, we all change. There are so many roads in the wheel of life and its crucial to ensure that you’re on course and you are crossing paths with people who will help you enjoy the ride.

We determine how people see us and treat us, always remember that. Set the bar high!


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