Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Prescription Drugs Have Become the New Black!


Are we now a nation of quick fixes? With prescription drugs being handed out like there is no tomorrow. God forbid if anyone actually deals with their problems! That is far too hard when you can just duck down to your local GP and they can give you a pill for your problems!
According to new figures, Doctors in Australia are handing out dangerous amounts of prescription medication.

1 in 10 GP visits are people seeking help for a mental health problem and 1 in 2 Australians seeking help each year.

Doctors prescribed 12.3 million treatments with antidepressants in 2005-06, compared with 9.8 million prescriptions in 2000-01.

Now Xanax is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression has risen by a whopping 40% in the last 10 years.

That is not even taking into account the 60,000 times Valium has been prescribed in 1 YEAR in NSW alone! Or
Zoloft (an antidepressant) has been issued more than 230,000 times in the past 12 months in Australia.

Who do you think we are really helping, the one in two Australians who are genuinely seeking help or Doctors and the Pharmaceutical companies?

Seriously people CAN NOT be on this medication forever. It is a quick fix, a smoke screen for the real issues. We HAVE to start being accountable and start teaching society how to deal with depression and anxiety.

More talking and less pill popping! We need to work through our issues. So with every prescription of Zoloft, Xanax or Valium there needs to be a plan to get you back on track.

Once you know the secrets and discover how you can tackle your problems you will quickly become a happier you.

Here are some quick ways you can deal with Anxiety:

Slow your breathing down– You need to stop and breathe. Sounds easy? It is and it works.

Be honest yourself– You have to ask yourself what are you feeling and what bought it on? Sometimes you can get upset by something but it’s just the icing on the cake it’s not the real problem.

Think good things– Easier said then done. With every thought or anything that happens in life you can choose how you view. This takes practice and work but stick with it you will feel much better.

Your life will not change if YOU don’t change!

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and once you tell someone you’ll be surprised with how many people feel or have felt the same way.
Are you ready to feel better? Dig deep there are some serious skeletons in that closest and it ALL needs to come out.

Every feeling you have relates back from somewhere, sometime. What do you do?

Write it down; keep a diary of your thoughts, your feelings and whatever pops in your head.
Talk to someone– A friend, a family member or if you what someone who will not judge you talk a Counselor or now you can see a Personal Development Mentor who is a proactive source to help you.

Now with the likes of the web you can get help at the touch of a button. Read other people’s stories such as the myself and UrbanSmiler.wordpress.com we openly share stories and our life experiences with you reassuring us that we are not alone.
Beyond Blue do great work and have all the information you need to get you back on track.

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