Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Some People Will Suck You Dry


You can move mountains for some people and they will still have an issue, it is really unbelievable not too mention exhausting, draining and life zapping. In a world where everyone is so busy trying to create a life filled with love, support, happiness and wealth. There in the shadows are the life sucking, energy zappers that are waiting to bring you down.

How can you avoid the life zapping, energy draining people bursting your bubble?

Life is this precious amazing thing and it is crucial that if you want any kind of real happiness in your life you need to surround yourself with people in your life that pep you up they don’t bring you down. You support each other in your journey and as soon as someone exploits that it’s time to back away. I know those warning bells are going off in your head, you know the ones we’ve all had them in our lives. Here is what you need to do:

  • Step away before they drain you within an inch of your life
  • Limit your time with them or don’t surround yourself with them at all.
  • Be present, just by being present you are able to stop yourself from getting emotionally involved.
  • Say an affirmation every day in mediation or in the mirror something like “I am surrounded by positive people who love and respect me”
  • Make them aware how selfish they are being by thinking of themselves and how they are treating others.

Accountability and awareness of how we treat others is important, it’s really simple don’t treat others the way you don’t like to be treated and if you can’t control it then you need to speak to someone who can help.


Be a nice person give thanks, love and abundance to everyone in your life.

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