Friday, January 19th, 2018

Success Is A Movement


What the? True.

Success is a movement in time; it’s how you operate day to day.

Success to some people will have a monetary value personally I find that shallow and these people will never be truly happy because they have the wrong mindset. Don’t get me wrong money is important we all want it, need it and all the peace loving and positive thinking will not pay our bills. If I tap me toes three times it will not give me an abundance of whatever I want and having money does make life a little easier…..

We all know the number one reason for divorces and arguments is due to money problems.

#FACT: I love money, have money; want money and lots of it. Is it what drives me and motivates me everyday, is it the reason I get out of bed. NO WAY! If I won lotto tomorrow my business would continue because it is the air that I breathe and no amount of money will ever change that.

The mere notion of someone working for money and for no particular reason beyond money is completely foreign to me. But it gives me options to do other things….call me stupid but reality is if you’re working the majority of the time your “other things” will never get the time or nourishment it needs for them to grow. People settle for mediocre and mediocre for me just doesn’t sit well in my stomach because personally I think everybody is capable of more. It doesn’t even have to be about a career or business because I understand that not everybody is into business but what drives you, what gets your blood pumping, that fire in your belly……what is it?

Once you know that you’re on your way. Most people give up when it’s gets hard, most people put their blood pumping fire in your belly “it” on hold while your partner pursues their career.

Tell me how’s that working for you?

Most people say I want to be “this” for my children, I know we all love our kids, we want to be there for them, provide for them and be good role models…..Know it. Get it. Got the badge.

Before you serve anyone else you have to know what your purpose is, if you want to give to your children and be a good role model then get real and be honest with yourself. Sit down and have an honest chat with yourself with no lame excuses. I will do this when….I’ll be happy when….When I have more time….


  1. You will NEVER get more time we all have 24 hours in a day….it’s a choice…your choice
  2. If you’re not happy now it isn’t your house, your job or your surroundings…it’s YOU and you need to ask yourself why you’re not allowing yourself to be happy.
  3. When….there is always going to be a when because when “when” is finished another “when” takes its place. The question is WHEN are you going to realise it?

The time is now….you have to take action. TODAY.

My buddy over at Pink Apple Chris the relationship guru was telling me about the 5 Love Languages now mainly it’s about identifying which language you and your partner are so you can understand each other and resolve conflict quickly. (You know when you have an argument with your partner or anyone actually and you go to make up and you only make it worse? It’s because it’s what you would want to hear…different love languages) I think everybody could benefit from knowing their love language because it’s the beginning of understanding yourself if you don’t know where to start. You know what it is that you need.

Fear is a lack of understanding so once you understand it no matter what it is; it will never hold you back. How exciting is that…I challenge you from now on whenever you feel fear identify that you feel scared then turn it around and work on understanding it and I promise you will overcome your fear, how cool is that? We can do anything.

Identify it. Understand it. Overcome it.

So you can

Dream it. Live it. Be it. Love it.

Go and have a one on one with yourself and let me know how you go.


2 Responses to “Success Is A Movement”
  1. Glad the conversation about Love Languages gave you food for thought Renee.
    I love the fact that it gives us all an easy way to keep making a choice for love.

  2. Bra Queen says:

    It’s always on my mind because it just makes sense and it’s simple therefore anyone and everyone can use it within the relationships


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