Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Who Is Your Wet Blanket


The dream crushers, the path walkers, the dream takers you know the ones who make you feel like you shouldn’t and couldn’t do anything. The buzz kills, the drainers who dissect your dreams and ideas leaving you feeling disheartened and empty.

Everyone has them or maybe it’s you…are you your own kill joy?

My 3 Quick Tips to dispose the unwanted trash

1. Circle of support– Truth be told very few people will get you….the real you. I know it’s a bit sad right? But it’s true so the trick is to surround yourself with 2 to3 people who understand you and your dreams. Organise a time once a week or fortnight for a chat over Skype or on the phone and you can discuss, brainstorm, pep up and encourage each other to fulfil each others dreams.

Your Task: Find 2 or 3 people and call them and organise a time

2. Action– With no action there is no reaction. Albert Einstein says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” You can say “I am going to change or I want to change or I want to do this” truth is the question needs to be HOW are you going to make it happen. Be accountable.

Your Task: Think about and write down what and how you are going to do/say/change/be whatever you what to do/say/change/be.

3. Knowledge & Growth– Everyone needs help to outcome wounds, it takes knowledge to be able to move forward. Invest in yourself, in your growth. It doesn’t have to cost the earth it could be reading on the net, books or even your support network. But never stop learning.

Your Task: How and what material are you going to use to give yourself a big injection of growth.

# Success and happiness is easy, it is solely in the action.

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