Sunday, February 25th, 2018

The people we have in our lives we sometimes take for granted, you know when you see something all the time you naturally just assume it’s going to be there all the time. It becomes routine and apart of us which gives you that nice sense of security but what it also gives us is […]

  It has been my mission of late to start enjoying the present. It was a long weekend so a perfect time to appreciate my surroundings. Yesterday we celebrated a 1st birthday; we were with all of our friends whom I just love. You know the friends that you travel through life with and connect […]

It’s easier then you think Tip 1, It’s all about what’s happening underneath. YOUR LINGERIE, Wearing a sexy, good fitting bra that gives you great shape will do the following: * A good fit provides ultimate comfort & support * A great shape bra is very slimming * Sexy, Elegant Lingerie gives you an air […]