Saturday, February 24th, 2018

It’s funny how we go through life without really thinking about it and just go through the motions. Often it takes something bad to happen for us to realise how precious life is…you know like when someone dies and it gives that reality check that we probably should’ve had ages ago but weren’t open to […]

“In the infinity of life of where I am all perfect whole and complete” Are the words spoken by Louise Hay, these words I repeat all day everyday because they resonate with me. You see in the heart of everyone there is a core that is unique to you. To find YOUR purpose ask yourself […]

When you’re looking out a dirty old window and going through life like a black and white movie you’re still living. One day you’ll wake up and clean the window and all of a sudden you’re living you’re life in colour but you wont realise what you’ve been missing until you clean the window…..just one […]

Everything happens in the perfect time and space sequence, with every experience in your life helps put the puzzle together. Every person that enters our life is brought to us for a reason they are there to challenge us, to help us see something and to inspire us. Some will stay in our lives for […]