Sunday, February 25th, 2018

MUMMYSEUSS MASSAGES AWAY PREGNANCY WOES New maternity care program eases women into motherhood. Emma McIntyre of Hand Print Massage is known as the Mummyseuss and she has created a new program called “:Bump to Bub” which changes the way women manage their pregnancies. Having endured a rough pregnancy with very little support, Ms McIntyre knows […]

Or you know it’s not just our breaking point. Do you know what? It’s your TURNING point. You are not alone when you hit that wall. Everyone will eventually, I hit it just recently. Once you have children and they are your life and it’s like you have gone through life in black and white […]

A friend of mine just asked this:- Does anyone else feel like they have lost “themselves” since having kid/s? Don’t get me wrong, I love both my kids very much, and often sit in wonder and stare at them, proud of myself, but I still feel like I’ve lost something in order to have them… […]