Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Why Are Women More Passionate Then Men?


A little while ago I conducted a little market research on the difference between males and females and how we look at life. I asked one simple question-

What would you want to know the answer to before you die?

The guys said stuff like-

  • Why does beer taste so good
  • Why do bananas have those red things on the ends

The girls however were much more profound, saying things such as-

  • What was my purpose
  • Will I be back again
  • Parenting questions and/or issues…..why?

I found it interesting and I often wonder why the majority of men do not allow themselves to challenge their minds. On the flip side I like how they keep it simple and that makes me smile because sometimes women as a whole we do think too much and sometimes it can be to our detriment.

Is it just me or does there seem to be more passionate women then men? I have meet and know passionate men however there doesn’t seem to be as many as women….do you find that?

Is it connected with why it is important for us women too love our job and while men are happy with a standard “Work’s work” or “It pays the bills” or “It’s as good as it gets”……I’m curious and it fascinates me that people can and do spend 40+ hours a week at a job that they don’t necessarily  like or dislike and I wonder why?
I have always loved my job and I have had alot! When I didn’t I began to look else where until I found one that I did because it is super important to me, life is too short not to love what you do. After 16 years of my working life I still believe the same thing however the difference is now I don’t love my job I am in love with it, it is the air that I breathe and the essence the core of who I am. I can work 24/7 and I feel nothing but joy, pride and immense satisfaction and I would love for everyone to feel what I feel when I work.

Do love your job? Is it important to you that you do?

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3 Responses to “Why Are Women More Passionate Then Men?”
  1. Jj says:

    I don’t think that being passionate is cut by sex, but the topics on which people are passionate can be very different between men and women. Women carry a longer time span in consideration making them worry about apparently “deeper” subjects as men tend to worry about right now and may be tomorrow, thus being passionate about a different sort of topics

    The expectation men and women got regarding work probable has a lot to do with how boys and girls are raised, in most cases women are raised being told that they should marry, have a family and be a good mother, as boys are told not to complain and put up with whatever you run into.
    That’s how you’re “macho” I’ll do my job even if it’s not nice, complaining is for sisies.

    Personally I love my current job, I used to work for important companies and the jobs were OK, the pay was ok, the career path was drawn and if I stayed there I would probable be doing more money at the moment. I decided to quit and start doing what I love with my friends, we have our small company and we are struggling, we have good and bad moments, I don’t have as much money as I would if I would have kept my old job, but I was looking forward 6pm everyday to get out of there and go home to do what i love, now there’s no difference betwen “job” or just having fun (well there is as you ahve cilents, but still its somehting you love and its for yourselve)

    I recognice that having a regular job is a safe path and if you do just a tad better than average it will turn out good enough, give you money to have vacations eventually, get a car, pay loands, etc. No wonder our parents want us to take the safe path, it is just a *very* hard decision to take the risky path and do what you love, then it depends on how passionate you’re about what you love… it is inspiring to say it pays off, but nothing is written yet 😛

    • braqueen says:

      I love your thoughts Jj, I don’t think it’s a matter of being male or female however it does seem that it’s more important for women however you’re right in saying how we perceive passion is different for everyone. It is a safety net and it is a massive risk we take when we embark on our own business journey but it’s one i’m willing to take and that descision will not be right for everyone.
      I wish you so well in your journey and don’t be a stranger around here 🙂

      Renee xx

  2. LyrisEon says:

    wrong..men are more passionate.. we just most likely wont show it to women cause we look at you in disdain

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