Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

With a Challenge Comes a Lesson


Something I hear alot is “You never get mad, I’ve known you forever and never seen you mad.”
Yes, it takes me alot to get mad, really mad that is.
Intentionally or unintentionally I don’t know she then challenged me. I don’t mind being challenged because with it is always a lesson.

What the lesson I learnt?

People who cry out for help and you’re there you drop everything, they ask for help you give it, they don’t it. No thank you just unorganise and reorganise then fix the problem.

What do you get?

Turn my world upside down and what do I get a big fat donut! Nothing not a thank you or even a nod. Not that I do anything just to get a thank you, I do it because I care and because I can.
Before you ask for help be sure you actually want it.

People who only do things on their terms and the world owes them, I’m sorry I just do not have the time or the patience for that.
When I can and do help people online ALL the time and they are the most nicest and grateful people ever. (Thank you for your emails, I love them)

You wanted to test me, you succeeded but when you test people you’re only letting yourself down and making people put barriers up. I surround myself in people that love me for me and inspire me to be a better person.

No games no BS just friendship

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