Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

My Road to Understanding Depression


As you know I have been working on raising awareness for Depression with the lovely Mad Cow Amanda Cox of Real Mums, we’re just about to launch our campaign and while we’ve been putting it together I have been doing a lot of research and I’ll be doing a series of posts on ‘Understanding Depression’ but before I start that-

My road to Understanding Depression-

Now while I don’t suffer from Depression I am beginning to get a thorough understanding of somewhat how it would feel like and understand the thought process for NOT being out in the open.

As a successful business woman who LOVES her job and works extremely odd hours to ensure I stay on top of everything because I like to be in control of it and it’s growing SUPER quick, YAY!
Now as a Mother here’s where I get frustrated; 2 very young and extremely dependant girls whom I love dearly but some days, some weeks I just can not cope and I feel like I am losing that plot, 3 ½ years later some days I’ve just had enough. Tired of the noise, the depends, the extra 20kg on my hip every second of the day, sweeping the floor 200 times a day, repeating the same thing 200 times a day, the endless washing and ironing, having to remain calm and not raise my voice at them and it is so monotonous it makes me want to scream.

When someone reaches out do you listen?

It takes A LOT of courage for a woman to reach out, I did recently and do you know what I got-
But you’re a woman, it’s in your genetic make up, it’s what you’re born to do. Now at that point I realised (I put aside the desire to throw something at him) as much as it was ingest THAT REALLY IS THE COMMON THOUGHT PROCESS. To every joke is an element of truth.

I understand why women with PND don’t say anything and have the ability to act as if nothing is wrong.


Personally I think as a Mother/Partner/Wife we are the back bone of our family. Often if our partners see us starting to freak out or stress out then they stress out too. When they stress out WE DON’T we are calm and clear headed and help solve the problem. Leaving us with the feeling if we crumble the whole family crumbles, or does it?

ANOTHER REASON TO PRETEND IT DOESN’T EXIST, see now I’m getting the picture. But surely although now I understand WHY people pretend but isn’t it still a smoke screen, shouldn’t we be working through it with our partners and making them understand?
I’ll get my old mate Chris Owen the relationship guru onto that and she can rectify it for us.

Yes we all have so much on our plates and we do take on a lot but I don’t know about you but if I wasn’t working on my business and on this blog I would spiral into a dark place because this is what KEEPS me SANE.

This is my own personal opinion, I am in no means an expert in this field so if you do feel like you need help please go to SANE or call them on 1800 18 SANE (7263)

Disclaimer: This article was written from a personal opinion and I am NOT a qualified in psychology or counselling. If you do need assistance with emotions or mental health, to seek assistance from your GP immediately.

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