Friday, January 19th, 2018

Aloneness v/s loneliness: Which side of the road you are on?


Guest Post by Amanda Kidd is a writer and blogger. She is a health buff and a strict follower of a healthy lifestyle. Her health guide specifically includes natural ways to maintain physical and mental health. Recently she is writing on health problems and Low calorie snacks.

Often we get confused between aloneness and loneliness. Dictionary makes out that both are synonyms. But that is limited to the dictionaries itself. In reality, both the concepts are totally different from each other. And this is where people do not understand the actual meaning of these two words which resembles your way of living.
The roots of these two states of mind are similar but their branches differ as soon as they start growing and produce different fruits which are actually fascinating and enticing. Never forget that each and every person in this world faces both these situations at least once although not simultaneously.
According to dictionary, loneliness is the state of mind where you have the feeling of being isolated from the outside world. Even if you are sitting with many people or partying with your near and dear ones, the condition that makes you feel that you are missed them is loneliness. This situation makes you friendless and your heart feels deserted. Nothing interests you even if you are surrounded by thousands of people. Loneliness makes you feel pessimistic about all things and you lose the desire to live. Often thoughts of suicide grab your mind. Some people cope up with this situation with the help of spirituality and meditation, keeping themselves busy in certain tasks etc. but some people fall prey to the horrible death. Another form of loneliness is also the feeling when your friends, relatives, life partner or children leave you for some days. You try to miss them and feel lonely. This feeling goes by when that person comes back.
Human beings are social animals and we constantly want to be in some company and grab the attention of others. We always depend on our near and dear ones for social and emotional support. Hence, when we do not get these, we start feeling lonely. We start thinking about ourselves as the prisoners of isolation chambers. Moreover, the condition of loneliness if continued for a long time results in diseases like physical and mental stress, anxiety, fear, hypertension, low blood pressure, heart attack, depression, and sometimes even death. So do not go crazy over loneliness. Start seeing the other side of the coin which is aloneness and you will definitely feel better.
Aloneness is the delighted state of mind which makes you feel optimistic and brings in all the good and positive energy. Aloneness makes you self content while making your life blissful. When you are alone, you do not need anybody. You yourself make your own little world and you yourself become your best friend. You do things that interests you a lot like reading, painting, gardening, dusting, cleaning, singing, playing music, listening to songs, writing, playing games, etc. This time will keep you away from all the negative thoughts and feeling lonely. You feel better just relaxing and thinking about your future or your past. Try to learn from the mistakes you did in the past to secure your future, realize what you are doing at the present is what you always wanted or you want to change it. Thus, give yourself a treat by making yourself happy, making yourself lovely by this condition of aloneness plus gift yourself a healthy life as this state of mind does not affect your body in any way.
Briefly we can say that loneliness and aloneness are opposite states of mind even if they have same meanings. One is positive while the other is negative. It depends upon you to decide which is good for you.

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