Monday, December 11th, 2017

Thank you fellow business chicks


As I approach my 5 years as a blogger and look back to when I first started out I can’t help but smile and be grateful. There have been some amazing people that have helped me get to where I am today and supported me. Gratitude is what I have for these people who help this fish out of water.

On business women unite many moons ago I met some amazing ladies and although I don’t use that platform anymore I am ever so grateful to BWU for giving me the opportunity to meet…

Amanda Cox: Founder of Real Mum’s and fellow presenter on Room To Grow TV. My bounce buddy we have watched each other grow laugh and cry over the years and you have been so supportive and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have created the ultimate place where real mums can hang out and be themselves in a non judgemental environment. You are doing great work for Post Natal Depression and I know there are thousands of other people who feel the same as me. Thank you x

Marnie B: When I first met you I thought oh my goodness this women is so strong, smart and proactive within her business. Over time I realised that yes you are all of those things and so much more. You have helped me numerous times through out the years and you are strong but also one of the loveliest people I have ever met. Whatever journey you decide to take I will be with you all the way.

Sarah Prout: My first thought all of those years ago was “She is so stunning” but as beautiful as what you are on the outside you are a zillion times more beautiful on the inside. Never have I meant anyone as open, honest, balanced and talented, you have been ridiculously generous to me and your advice over the years is so much appreciated thank you. Your empire is radianting through out the world as you continue to inspire other people to live their truth.

Johanna BD: Is only the nicest PR talent in the world. I love what you have created and I love that you are just the most humble, funny, congruent person I have ever meet. You go out of your way for your clients and what makes you stand out so much is the fact that seeing your clients get publicity is what satisfies you the most which is remarkable.

The person who made me a better blogger

Jade Craven: I have had such admiration for Jade for what she has accomplished and the adversity that she has overcome in the process to becoming the connection queen. Jade has helped me on so levels over the years in so many different ways with her honestly and knowledge in blogging and social media which I am ever so grateful for. But how she helped me the most was in the most indirect way that she would never even know. You see Jade is very successful with her “List Posts” as I was reading one of her “Bloggers to watch” posts I began to think “What do I have to do to get on one of these lists” without slipping her fifty or a wink wink nod nod. In that moment and everyday since I have wrote from my heart in my voice and every post has passion and purpose that is congruent to me.

Now it may not get on the next list or it may but it doesn’t matter because it comes from the right place. Heart space to heart space.


Ladies I thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx


6 Responses to “Thank you fellow business chicks”
  1. madcow says:

    Awww. Thank you. That made me cry – again!


    Renee, you have been an absolute pleasure and an inspiration yourself. Thank you for being awesome and being you. xoxox

  2. bustingout says:

    Right back at ya chick x

  3. Thank you Renee

    If you include you on your list, you’ve captured some of the women who constantly inspire me in business. I admire what you have done – and are doing – and I honoured to be included in your circle.

    And you made me cry!

  4. Sarah Prout says:

    This made me cry! You are so beautiful Renee. xoxo

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