Monday, December 11th, 2017

Weight Watchers Update


As I continue down my weight loss journey and have a healthy mind, healthy body and all that stuff. There is light and it’s great to see it all happen before your eyes.

After 6 weeks of being on the online Weight Watchers program and upping my workouts here are the results;

  • I have lost 7 kilos
  • I am fitter and stronger
  • I have lost several inches and you can see much more muscle definition
  • Most importantly I feel fantastic, lighter on my feet and I have much more energy.

I don’t feel like I am on a “diet” because I’ m not, I still enjoy a vodka and whatever else I feel like at the time and I think that has been the key. On Weight Watchers you can still enjoy your favourite food or beverage however you have to plan your meals around it. I also add in an extra workout if I have had an extra splurge. All in all a very happy camper!

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