Friday, January 19th, 2018

Healthy body, healthy mind and all that stuff!


Like most women I have spent my whole life trying to be something I’m not, skinny! What I do love that over time you learn to embrace what you have and what god gave you. For me it was curves and breasts. Recently I have made a few changes around my health, my body and my diet. Since the birth of my Miss Nearly 3 I have been up and down like a yoyo but more time up then down to be perfectly honest. However I do believe it had more to do with what was happening internally then externally…not what I was eating or lack of exercise. I always eat healthy because well….I like too, I don’t like how unhealthy foods leave me feeling lethargic and yuck.

You see you can be “skinny” and be incredibly unhealthy… with no exercise, eating an unbalanced diet, smoking, drinking or drugs. However we don’t question them because there are slim. Now I don’t care what size you are because I believe beauty is within and it’s about balance but also doing whatever is right for you.

Everybody needs to strive for healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet because we get one shot, one chance so we have to make the most of it right?

My 4 Action Steps To Weight Loss


  • Weight Watchers were kind enough to give bloggers a 6 month free membership to trial it so it was a perfect time to put all of the pieces to the puzzle together.
  • This year a have started to mediate nearly everyday because it’s my aim to be as focused and present as possible.
  • Around 3 months ago I also made the decision to stop eating meat. Which a lot of people find crazy but to be honest I feel great for it, it’s not something I would recommend for everyone because it can be tricky adjusting your diet to ensure you are still having all the protein you need.
  • Up the workouts- I always workout however I have stepped it up notch, I run 5 to 6 times a week and alternate between weights, Zumba and the Nike Pro Training iPhone app.


I have only been doing all 4 steps for two weeks and I feel great. I have lost 3 kilos, I can see my shape changing and my body feeling stronger and ligher.

Weight Watchers Pro Points

What I like about the Weight Watchers online membership is it keeps you accountable and it teaches you how to make healthy choices. You get a number of “Points” everyday and you just have to adhere to that. It gives you recipes and you can still indulge in your favourite foods. I see this as more of a lifestyle change, therefore a sustainable weight loss. Not like some of the other programs that do it for you so you don’t learn how and what to eat on your own. People say “But I’m not disciplined, I need someone to do it for you” While that is OK and I understand but you need to learn balance because you aren’t going to be on the program for ever.


I like that I can still enjoy a vodka during the week and not feel guilty. I don’t want rapid weight loss and a strict diet because that is short lived. This is a healthy balance and you don’t feel like you’re “on a diet”



What are your action steps?

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