Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Life’s a Beach


When you’re looking out a dirty old window and going through life like a black and white movie you’re still living. One day you’ll wake up and clean the window and all of a sudden you’re living you’re life in colour but you wont realise what you’ve been missing until you clean the window…..just one step.

As I embark on a walk down the beach I’ve never been I see a sign 4km London Bridge and off I go on a bush track with twists and turns, uphills and downhills. I follow the signs then the signs stop and I have no idea where or even if there is a London Bridge but I keep going until the track stops so I head down to the beach where I start running some times it was easy to run on and some of it was difficult but I kept going until I found a track. I come to a point where I could turn around and go back the same way I had come or a could find another track, sure it would have been easier to go back the same way I had come but no where near as adventurous so I found another road and I found my way.

As I was taking this journey and letting the thoughts come and go through my head but always listening to them I realised that I am reclaiming myself right here and right now, the walk represents life. You set out with a destination in mind and maybe a rough idea about how long it will take to there. Once you start there are going to be twists and turns as things pop up that are out of your control.You’re still on track. It’s just life.

Sometimes you move through life and it feels like you’re going uphill and sometimes it’s downhill. You’re still on track it’s just life.

Sometimes life gives you crystal clear signs so you know exactly where you’re going and sometimes there are none and you just have to following your heart or maybe your gut, but you still need to move because you can’t wait for the signs to come to you sometimes you need to find them. You’re still on track. It’s just life.

Sometimes you go through life at lightening speed and other times it’s at a calmer and slower pace. You’re still on track it’s just life.

Then you get to a point a cross road in your life where you can stay in your comfort zone just because it’s safe or you can choose a new direction and new road it will take you to the same destination. You get to choose do you want to live your life as though it were a black and white movie? Maybe, but it’s nowhere near as good as colour.

You’re always on track. It’s just life. As long as you keep on moving.


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