Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Self Doubt & Emotional Baggage


On every road to self discovery there are hurdles and some days you just feel….yuck.

You wake up after a long sleep and your head feels cluttered and full and your body feels heavy and it’s hard to breathe and it’s only 8:30am.

How does this happen when you’re on a new journey one that is bright and colourful?

At this time we have a decision to make.

Previously we would have shared how horrible we were feeling and clarified it to someone else so now it’s done “Today I feel crap” and it just gets worse as the day goes on. But that was previously now that we are willing and able to change:

We realise that our thoughts become reality and we get to choose our thoughts (which is actually really cool). We know that instead of releasing that horrible energy into the universe and making everyone else around us feel just as bad (we call it venting but it’s more like dumping). We can go sit in a quiet place and channel our thoughts and ask ourselves-

  • OK why do I feel like this,
  • What is the message
  • How can I turn this around


You may want to write it down to help analyse your thoughts then the ones that are negative come up with a positive thought or affirmation and focus on those. Look at the people around you did they just “vent” to you and you have absorbed that horrible energy and therefore you woke up and your head feels cluttered and full and your body feels heavy and it’s hard to breathe and it’s only 8:30am but now it’s manifested into other areas of your life. Or maybe the self doubt train perched itself inside your mind? The days where you think- What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Can I do this?  Should I just give up? What are people thinking about me? Am I wasting my time? Everyone has these thoughts sometimes no matter who they are but difference between those people is just one thing. Success people have the ability to work through their self doubt; they soldier on and don’t let it stop them. Anyone can do that….if you’re open and willing to change.


A great clip you have to see Louise Hay- You Can Heal Your Life


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