Monday, December 11th, 2017

How To Maintain Your Weight


Weight loss and healthy living is about consistency, the word “diet” needs to be erased unless you are referring to what you eat in general rather then something your doing for a short period of time. Something that I have found that helps to maintain your weight is changing your fitness regime all the time. The trick is to not get bored….

Change = Weight Loss

When you change your work outs not only to you burn more calories you also work different areas of your body and therefore tone your body which goes a long way to build your endurance. Most importantly it keeps you motivated and consistent.

Have a fitness goal

Think about a fitness goal so it doesn’t have to be weight loss you may want to do a marathon or something along those lines.

I have just discovered the Mountain to Surf Challenge that I will be doing in May, what to join me?

A day of fitness, soul inspiring, and ultimate relaxation; it starts in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges and finishes on the Mornington Peninsula. The day includes:

– 1000 Step Kokoda Track Walk

– A yoga class

– Personal Training session by the beach

– Peninsula Hot Springs Experience

– Gatorade all day

– Lunch Pack & 2 course dinner

– Transport Provided

All for $147, how good is that!

I am going to do it come and join me.

Check it out Might & Power

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