Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

The People Who “Get” It


With the recent Digital Parents Conference hosted by the delightful Mummy Time it left me feeling blessed, humble and extremely grateful. Here is a compilation of my thoughts, views and ideas that followed from the event.

Our heads are filled with so much noise about what to do and what not to do.

Honest thinking, honest parenting and honest about your life’s expectations, the judgements, our mindset and how or why money distorts and clouds judgements, thoughts and vision.

It’s just noise. Know it for what it is. It’s not real.

Authenticity of who you are and what you represent to have humility of your inner self.

To have a conversation, what are you thinking about, what conversation do what to have and surround yourself with those people.

  • Being able to know when to take timeout to prepare yourself to transcend
  • Being able to know when to know when to transcend
  • Being ready

Call me crazy but sometimes I like having my blinkers on and not knowing what’s going on in the blogging or business world because you can get so caught up in “stuff” that isn’t even your own, then you judge people and really who are we to judge. People see what they want to see and say what they want to say, I stayed clear for many years of “Mummy Bloggers” because I heard it was “clicky” and sometimes “bitchy” and I felt like I didn’t “fit”.  I am not a “Mummy blogger” and I am not sure anyone is?

No one is defined by any “one” thing, being a mum isn’t who I am. It’s just that I happen to have children. Everyone has a voice and everyone has the right to be heard.

Clicky? You see what you want to see…

I see a group of incredible woman who want to make a difference.

I see women befriend women and support each other because isn’t that what friends do?

I see women who understand each other and their vision.

I see women respect each other for being different.

I see a variety of women with different personalities who each hold a piece to puzzle and who come together to complete the picture.

You fucking rock!

I am grateful to have the chance to meet the gorgeous Nikki from Styling You who is just lovely and such an intelligent, funny and inspiring woman.

I am grateful to have sat next too Stacey from Veggie Mama and we could discussed our love of Quorn

I am grateful for Mrs Woog taking that ridiculously funny picture of Penny, oh that makes me laugh just thinking about it.

I am blessed to have had such an amazing conversation with Nikki and Edenland over breakfast…even if it was incredibly deep for first thing in the morning and the morning after…

Humble by the being able to embrace what is…

Find YOU and be YOU in every way, everyday.


8 Responses to “The People Who “Get” It”
  1. I loved meeting you Renee! And knowing your story too. Great session at DPCon

  2. Brenda says:

    Thanks Renee! Lovely to catch up with you. As always.xx

  3. edenland says:

    Renee, it was SO lovely catching up with you at brekkie, impromptu. I was staring at you dancing the night before, thinking, she looks so bloody radiant. XXX

    • bustingout says:

      YOU Miss Eden, you’re soul is kind, sweet and just amazing! Make magic girl because you are going to fly! You are so congruent and to me that is the best value a person can have xxxx

  4. Mrs Woog says:

    Is it an asshole? No! It is Penny’s underarms! I still remember her face when I showed it to her…. love it. You are a little pocket rocket of shine xx

    • bustingout says:

      BAHAHA! Her face was priceless man, the look of horror on her face LOL so funny. Thanks Woog as are you x

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