Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

I’m an Addict!


Shake me I will rattle!

Hi I’m Renee and I am a vitamin junkie. It’s been 2 hours since my last pill.

Personally I think it is near impossible to have all of the recommended vitamins we’re suppose to in our diet and I am a healthy eater. So I have always been an advocate of vitamin supplements. By giving our bodies what it needs then we don’t get sick, we feel good and our bodies will thank us later down the track.

Recently at the Bloggers Brunch Blackmore’s were kind enough to stock us up with an abundance of vitamins.

My Miss 4 and Miss 2 have been enjoying the Blackmore’s Kids Fruity Fishies and the Blackmore’s Kids Multi which is great because they love them and I don’t have to stress about their diet during their “I’m a toddler and therefore I have this need to be a fussy eater.” Stage. I am also looking forward to trying the Cough Combat as well so I can lay off the paracetamol.

I have been taking Women’s D- Stress that supports my nervous system, relieves premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and it even protects cells from free radical damage. I have also been taking their Nails, Hair & Skin supplements which is fab because I got this massive pimple that had a life of its own.

You know how you tend to get sick on a holiday well I always take Blackmore’s Echinacea a month before the holiday to warn off any unwanted bugs!


What’s you’re vitamin of choice?

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