Saturday, February 24th, 2018

The dream crushers, the path walkers, the dream takers you know the ones who make you feel like you shouldn’t and couldn’t do anything. The buzz kills, the drainers who dissect your dreams and ideas leaving you feeling disheartened and empty. Everyone has them or maybe it’s you…are you your own kill joy? My 3 […]

What the? True. Success is a movement in time; it’s how you operate day to day. Success to some people will have a monetary value personally I find that shallow and these people will never be truly happy because they have the wrong mindset. Don’t get me wrong money is important we all want it, […]

Our past has shaped who we are today Our backgrounds are important Time heals If we’re born lucky then we will make it Have you ever heard anything so stupid? Our life experiences can shape our thoughts and alter our views however it does not dictate our future or who we are and what we […]

My nickname is Naynerd and sometimes just Nerd and I actually answer to it From the bottom of my heart I want to love life everyday I love immersing myself in lingerie because it makes me feel good and I think everyone should have a lingerie set that they wear just because… Working with Small […]

There’s a hole in my bucket Dear Liza, Dear Liza Well fix it Dear Henry, Dear Henry! Is it really that simple? Are you a culprit, have you ever thought any of the following? • If I just loose 5 kilos I’ll be happy, you loose 5 kilos and you’re not. Now you want to […]

As many of you know I have been compiling a book called AGENTS OF ACTION: Diaries of the new age entrepreneur. SO it is super exciting times in this camp because the stories are amazing and it really is such a great read I just had to share. The book has already sold over 5000 […]

In my last post How To Create Awesome Time Management I briefly touched on knowing your goals being imperative when you are trying to utilise your time. However I really wanted to elaborate on goal setting and also the importance of knowing your partner’s goal’s to ensure your on the same path….you still need and […]

Do you utilise your time to the best of your ability? In this day and age where everyone is busy and extremely time poor what can we do to take the pressure off and ensure we actually get things done. Step 1 If we want to create optimum time management then we need to know […]

Hands up if you’ve ever been hurt or disappointed by loved ones… Really ALL of you and lies the truth we are never alone. Sometimes we have too many expectations on our nearest and dearest, you see we often wonder and have that feeling of not being supported and that feeling of “I’m always there […]

I’m always talking about the 1% of the population who are entrepreneurs; the business rock stars, the people who think outside the square. Recently I went to the Ultimate Success Summit along with 7,500 other people and my first thought when I sat eight rows from the front and looked behind me was “Here in […]