Saturday, February 24th, 2018

One of the things I love about this time of year is the reflection and hope that it brings. This year has been an amazing journey of growth, finding momentum, rolling out numerous projects and as always self discovery. To pin point a few things in which I have immense gratitude for and to say […]

When you’re looking out a dirty old window and going through life like a black and white movie you’re still living. One day you’ll wake up and clean the window and all of a sudden you’re living you’re life in colour but you wont realise what you’ve been missing until you clean the window…..just one […]

When life throws us a curve ball it can bring us pain it’s evitable but its how we choose to process it that makes the difference. We have 3 choices; Ignore, ignorance is bliss, the past may bring you pain, others may bring you pain, you may even inflict it on yourself. Change your life […]

You feel like there’s more, you were meant for more You are destined for greatness, so how did you get here? You feel like underdog who’s been kicked and beaten and stripped of life let alone confidence. But you still feel like there’s more, you want more…. Would you like to Love life everyday? You […]

So when your back from the brink of self destruction and wondering if anyone even knows or cares…..then you realise “You know what I do, I care” and that is all that matters. We can not wait for someone else to do it for us we have to do it, in a time when everyone […]

Ok now I’ve got your attention it’s not literally my last post because that would be like cutting off my air supply. However it will be my last post that is negative, not nice or comes from a not so nice place (except if I review a crap bra). Let me tell you a story…. […]

You know I always go on and on about my ever evolving road to self discovery and my addiction that I have for growth and learning. When I started out in business 5 years it has been an amazing ride with massive highs and lows. I learnt very quickly that support, mentoring and accountability were […]

Everything happens in the perfect time and space sequence, with every experience in your life helps put the puzzle together. Every person that enters our life is brought to us for a reason they are there to challenge us, to help us see something and to inspire us. Some will stay in our lives for […]

I was recently asked to write my story over at Brave and Beyond and of course I was more then happy too. If I can help and inspire people that are in abusive relationships then it’s a privilege because no one deserves to live like that….no one. On my evolving road to self discovery I […]

Guest post by Vicki Nomura from Brave and Beyond How to open up to your partner after losing a loved one and move forward…intimately Losing a loved one is a very emotional and difficult time.  Sometimes we feel sadness and loneliness when grieving our loss and find it hard to open up to those around […]