Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Chasing Bright Shiny Objects

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved bright and shiny objects, this distraction seen her well into her adult life. Job after job, town after town constantly running from her biggest fear; boredom. She knew what she wanted but didn’t know how she was going to do it. Therefore everything looked […]

How To Deal With Difficult People

We all know them. It might be the co-worker who always stops talking when you walk in the room. It might be your boss, who loves to make jokes at your expense in front of others, or passes your work over repeatedly. It might be an unpleasant neighbour, or even a partner. Difficult people are […]

People change, we all change

Do you think other people adapt to your growth as well as you? Should we care… Depending on which stage of your life you meet people often determines how you preserve them and how they perceive you. Even though you may have grown at warp speed they will often see you as the person they […]

Dealing With Resistance

What is that feeling you get when you are about to face change? Sometimes it’s nerves or fear but sometimes it’s not any one thing and you just can’t seem to put your finger on it….you feel the resistance in your gut, why? We feel and we think and we think and we feel but […]

Hi There, A great business associate and friend of mine, Sophie Trpcevski, is running a workshop that will help you to clarify your goals and direction moving forward for the year. Empowering you to create great success in your life and business, easily and effortlessly. Sounds unbelievable yet very true. Come and join me and […]

Limited Thinking- Are You Guilty?

“Limited thinking” has been coming up a lot in my consults lately and how we condition ourselves to believing that “To find success you must make sacrifices”. To believe that money follows money, the rich get richer and the poor can poorer, you will never forget you’re first love…. What conditions and beliefs did you […]

Do Ever Hear Those Nasty Voices?

Sometimes I wake up with voices in head and I don’t know who they and what they are doing but I don’t like them and they make me sad. They say nasty things and question everything I do, they make me feel like I am worthless. They tell me how everyone else is doing a […]

So…What are YOU Searching For?

Ultimately everyone is seeking peace and longing for peace. Fear and frustration is a defence mechanism when someone or something threatens us. Vengeance, survival and to thrive is a process we all need to go through and when we get there we see gratitude, salvation, happiness and peace. Wholeness is looking within, with love and […]

Beautiful Me, Beautiful You

When I look in the mirror some times I like what I see and other times I don’t, but I have grown to realise that I am who am I…curves, breasts and everything in between. I think about how cruel I used to be to myself…you know what I mean because we’re all guilty of […]

This Is Really What I Would Like To Say To You

When I see you, I really see you. You’re half smile and happiness, I see the other half and you don’t have to say a word. When I love you, I really love you. You the real you and I see her as well. If you could just see yourself through my eyes because I […]